Serving Jefferson County & Metro St. Louis,

 and surrounding areas for over 25 years! 

Renting tents, tables & chairs, linens & china, and MORE!

(636) 937-1038

JCM Rentals Policies

General Policies

We are constantly adding to our merchandise line. Please call for items not listed. 

All equipment is rented out on a first come first serve basis. To ensure availability, place orders at least two weeks before event.
At least two months for large events. 

All rental items are available for sale, after rent has been paid.

Total bill is due before or on delivery. 

Items can be delivered the day before & picked up the day after; at no additional charge. Long term rates are available.  

A $25.00 charge will be applied to all orders placed after 2pm, Thursday for that weekends events. No exceptions.  

Add-ons after 2pm, Thursday for that weekends event on an already booked event, will be based on the add-ons availability and quanity of add-on, and size and time envolved. Extra charges will apply.

Take-offs after 2pm, Thursday for that weekends event on an already booked event, are not allowed. You will be charged for the canceled/take-off item(s) in full.

An additional 15% or more will be added to your total amount, for deliveries other than ground floor; or equipment required to be carried more than 75 feet. 

No staples may be used on rental equipment. 

Absolutely No credit on unused items. 

All china, flatware, glassware, utensils, etc.. should be rinsed & free from all foods, liquids and all other foreign matter; then re-packed in the same containers as delivered in. 

Linens should be refuse free and allowed to dry to prevent mildew. Linens should be inspected by the customer when received.
JCM will charge for ALL burn holes. 

All lighting rental for tents, will be installed by JCM. We will charge for any damage caused by improper lighting installed by anyone other than JCM.

Please have party site clear of all obstructions and lawn mowed; prior to delivery of rental equipment. Especially for tent rentals. 

Equipment is not to be used on dirt or mud surfaces. 

Lost or stolen or damaged equipment will be assessed at replacement cost(s). JCM will be the sole determiner as to salvageability of equipment. 

We recommend that all equipment be used on a sound, level surface. 

Site inspections are encouraged; especially on larger rentals. These are provided by JCM, at no extra charge, after booked rental.

Delivery charges apply to ALL delivered rentals. We do charge for Sunday, late night & holiday deliveries and they ARE charged extra.  Extra charges may apply but are not limited to:  time of day/night, holiday, distance, obstacles, stairs, wait time, etc.
Minimum order may be required, call for delivery charge inquires. 

We do setup tables, chairs, tents & other heavy equipment, depending on circumstances. Charges may apply.

JCM does not setup tableware. 

Someone must be available at the time of delivery & pick up, to verify & account for all rental equipment. 

All prices, charges & fees listed, are subject to change at any time




JCM Party Rentals

(636) 937-1038

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