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 and surrounding areas for over 25 years! 

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Tent Rental Agreement

#7 Waggener Ind. Ct.
Crystal City, MISSOURI 63019

1. Please have tent site ready & clear of all obstructions, before tent installation time.
2. We recommend that the tent site should be a sound level surface. Site inspections are encouraged, and provided free of charge, by JCM Party Rentals Inc.
3. The customer is responsible for locating unknown on-site utility lines.
4. Tent feet may cause scuff marks and depressions on black top surfaces. They may cause holes or depressions on lawn surfaces. Tents may also cause grass surfaces to become discolored, or even kill the grass that is covered by the tent. If holes have to be drilled to install a tent safely, the act of drilling holes may cause present and future damage to your property. These are all to be considered as natural occurrences. If any of this occurs it is no fault of JCM Party Rental Inc.
5. The tent should be inspected by the customer after installation, to ensure that it is in good condition. Discovered defects should be reported to JCM Party Rentals Inc. before equipment is signed for. After the equipment is signed for the customer will assume all liability, loss or damaged caused by or to the equipment.
6. In case of high winds, the customer should remove all personal property from the tent and the customer should abandon the structure, and seek shelter. Remember a tent is a temporary structure it will not protect you from stormy weather. The customer should have a evacuation plan.
7. The customer should discontinue using the tent if any damage is discovered. JCM Party Rentals Inc. should be immediately notified upon such a discovery.
8. Credit will not be issued for unused equipment.
9. Please make payment for all equipment on or before the date of installation. We accept cash, debit / credit cards & checks
10. Renter agrees not to hold JCM Party Rentals Inc. responsible for damage or injury resulting from the rented tent. Example: Renters property could be damaged from a rented tent by a sudden windstorm. If this occurs it is no fault of JCM Party Rentals Inc.
CUSTOMER SIGNATURE:      ________________________________________
DATE:        _______________________



JCM Party Rentals

(636) 937-1038

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